Aquarius IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Fitness Tracker with Heart Monitor- Black


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Upgrade your next workout with a fitness tracker from Aquarius! When you’re looking for a fantastically high-quality fitness band that you can rely on to give you all the data you want, when you want it, there’s nothing better out there.
Hyper accurate sensors mean you can rely on the figures that your band reports directly to the Veryfit app on your smartphone; you can track and analyze everything from your heart rate to your step count, blood pressure, and much more from the app, 24 hours a day.
Not only that, but your fitness band acts just like a mini smartwatch too; receive call alerts, texts, and messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, and other platforms, set alarms, and more.
With different training modes available for different activities like walking, cycling, or even football, you’ve got everything you need in one handy package with your Aquarius fitness watch.
It’s even IP67 rated for complete splash proofing, meaning you don’t even need to worry about damaging your watch when things get slippery out there.
24 Hour dynamic heart rate monitor
Track daily activities - steps, distance covered, calories burned
Sleep tracking - tracks sleep, length of sleep, quality of sleep (light/ deep)
Waterproof IP68, up to 1.5m depth
Target setting
Sedentary reminder
Call reminder- SMS notifications and phone hang up option
Alarm clock - 10 setting times
 Email, Calendar,Stopwatch
Screen size: 0.96” TFT LCD
Single touch screen
Battery capacity: 90mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging time: 2 hours (max)
Standby time: 7 Days
Water-resistant: IP68 Waterproof up to 1.5m depth
App: VeryFitPro
Compatible with all iPhones iOS8.0 & above and Android systems 4.4 or above